Mortgage Adviser – What we do and how we can help YOU

There is a lot of misconception about what a Mortgage Adviser (also known as a Mortgage Broker) does.

So we thought we would clear up any confusion, here are a few fast facts about Mortgage Advisers/Brokers:

-          WE HELP YOU OBTAIN A MORTGAGE/LOAN we sit down with you and discuss your situation, how much you would like to borrow & develop you a plan

-          BETTER INTEREST RATES we can often get our clients better rates compared to going directly to the bank

-          FREE! our services are free of charge as the banks pay us a fee

-          INDEPENDENT ADVICE & EXPERT KNOWLEDGE we are here to answer all your questions & queries

Essentially we are the middleman between you the borrower and the bank. We will take you through the often complicated process of obtaining a mortgages/loan. There is a lot of documents required, forms to fill out, criteria’s to met and many different lending options; so we are here to help you every step of the way and find out what will best suit you and your needs.

The bonus of using a Mortgage Adviser/Broker is we will often be able to get you a better deal than if you went to the banks directly yourself as we are regularly bringing customers to the banks so they do offer us a slightly better rate.

As mentioned above there is no cost to the borrower for the work we do as we get a fee from the bank, this does not affect the loan you receive from the banks.

Mortgage Advisors/Brokers will give you independent advice and expert knowledge. There is so many different options for borrowing/lending in today’s world, revolving credit, offsetting, fixed, floating, table; how do you know what is the best for you? That’s where we can help, we will help you figure out what is best for your situation. We are here to answer any questions and give you as much information and advice you need.

Here at Ergo Mortgages we also have extensive knowledge of what the property market is doing as we collect and analyse local sales data, what properties are currently listed (and links to them all), market trends, house prices and a lot more. It’s a great search engine to see what is currently for sale in the New Plymouth, Oakura and Bell Block region. Check it out it’s a bit different from Open2View, Trademe or RealEstateNZ as you search using the map, which is a very useful visual tool on where the properties are located.

With the data we collect and analyse along with David’s 20+ years’ experience and Emma being in the process of looking to buy some property herself we are a great team to come and talk to and get a bit of advice. Email us today at to make an appointment.